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Clear Point Consultants was founded in 1989 by president, Carol Szatkowski . The woman-owned firm began as a niche agency specializing in technical communications such as tech-writing and e-learning.  As the market evolved, Clear Point refocused on the fast-growing user experience (UX) field, and within a few years, we grew from a regional staffing provider of UX professionals to one with national recognition.  At Clear Point Consultants, we are known for our ethics, integrity and ongoing commitment to our companies and the individuals that we place into UX (User Experience) careers including technical writing and e-learning.



We believe good work is good for people. We believe it’s possible to love your work, to work in a place that values your work and to be satisfied with your work life. We also believe it’s possible for companies to build a work force that furthers their objectives and reflects their values. We work hard, and happily, to be a successful resource for companies seeking talent in the user experience, technical writing and e-learning fields.

Our philosophy is simple.

We believe in good work. 


“Clear Point really cares about placing you somewhere where both you and the client will actually be happy over the longer term. So when Carol sent me to the employer where I now work, it felt like a totally natural fit. I’m really happy to be here, and the client seems to feel the same. I think that’s the secret as to why Clear Point has always had such a great reputation in the industry.”






We decided to redevelop our existing online catalog and create new online courses, with the goal of completing 35 courses in 6 months. This project was immense in size and scope and had a very high early development cycle. WHY DID YOU CONTACT CLEAR/POINT?  Our in-house staff was swamped by the magnitude of the project. We needed to find instructional designers in a hurry to keep the project moving forward. WAS CLEAR/POINT THE FIRST COMPANY THAT YOU CALLED?  No. We tried to maximize our options to meet our deadline and sent the request out to a number of agencies. We had almost no response from other agencies, but from Clear Point we had ten great candidates in just a day or two. We hired 7 of those and they are highly experienced and working out very well. WOULD YOU RECOMMEND CLEAR/POINT?  Absolutely! It was a pleasant experience for us. They are a great team and very professional. Their response was fast and they found exactly what we were looking for.

“Clear Point Consultants provide a much needed service in a conscientious and ethical manner. I can always rely on Clear Point’s expertise in finding the right person for the job.”


WHY DID YOU CONTACT CLEAR/POINT?  I had used them with a previous company and Carol did a great job for us. UX is such a challenging area to hire in. Clear Point already has a pool of great candidates and they understand the complexities of hiring in this field. They are very aware of the specialized needs of their clients. WHAT IS THE PROCESS THAT CLEAR/POINT USED? They start with a good understanding of what the field entails in general. Carol and I spent time on the skill sets that I needed. She made sure she understood how I put my teams together. Our systems are very complex by virtue of what we do. We had to find folks who understand large complex enterprises systems and their unique challenges. When Carol sought out potential candidates, she spent time and asked the right questions. She also made certain that if we declined a candidate she understood exactly why they didn’t work for our team. Then she would fine-tune the results. WHAT WERE THE RESULTS? All the Clear Point candidates that we have hired have been strong resources inside our company. We got exactly what we expected to find and they perform exactly as we hoped that they would. It is a pleasure to work with Carol and Clear Point Consulting. There is a reason why a boutique resource provider exists successfully in this space. Her handpicked candidates were exactly what we needed, in contrast to large recruitment firms that sent me packet after packet. Carol is cordial and a pleasure to work with. Although I think the word professional is often overused, working with her was a very professional experience. She spends just the right amount of time to get the information that is needed without burdening the client.



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